Our Programs

4-Week Board & Train

The 4-week board and train program is suitable for most dogs and includes:

*Thompson K9 remains a resource for clients beyond the duration of their dog's training program. Follow-up sessions are included to ensure client success, and we are available to answer questions or assist with issues at any time. Access to boarding, with training refreshers as needed, is also offered to alumni.

6-Week Board & Train

The 6-week board and train program is recommended for dogs that need a little more work, such as aggression cases or those seeking specialized tasks. This program includes:

Puppy Foundations Board & Train

The puppy foundations board and train program is perfect for young pups (between 8 weeks old and 5 months old) who have little to no training or socialization. Puppy programs can vary in length and content, depending on the puppy's age and specific needs. For very young puppies, the focus would be on establishing a foundation for success, getting them started with:

*Specifics of obedience (on-leash or off-leash, which training tools are used, etc.) depends on puppy age and program length (4 weeks, 6 weeks, or alternative options) and would be determined during the evaluation process.

Private Lessons

In-home private lessons are only offered on a case-by-case basis, when appropriate for the dog and client. Thompson K9 will discuss options and recommended programs with clients who request evaluations. Why board & train over private lessons? See our Training Tips section for more information.

Protection Training

Private protection training is offered selectively, when appropriate for the dog and client and depending on client location and training goals. Pursuing obedience training is also recommended and may be offered in tandem with private protection training. Training for protection sports in a club setting is also offered selectively.

Alumni Boarding

Short-term boarding is offered only to select clients whose dogs have completed one of our board & train programs. When boarding with us, dogs are provided with the same care and structure they received during their board & train. Not only do dogs get to stay in a familiar place with people they know and trust, they also receive training refreshers as needed. The minimum length boarding stay is 1 night (we do not offer day boarding).

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