Meet Us

Danny Thompson

Danny is co-owner and head trainer at Thompson K9. After apprenticing  under experienced trainers and then working as a trainer at an established company, he branched out on his own with Thompson K9 in 2020. He is an approved AKC CGC Evaluator and excels with dogs of every type. Dog training is his number one passion - whether other people's dogs or his own.

Rachel Thompson

Rachel is co-owner, business manager, and trainer at Thompson K9. In addition to training, she handles the day-to-day tasks from website maintenance and social media to appointment scheduling and answering client inquiries. Her own dogs and background in customer service have ignited her love for dog training - she loves helping both the dog and the owner.

Portrait of female black and rust American Doberman with cropped ears and purple collar with green grass background


Freyja is our 5-year-old American Doberman. She excels in obedience and knows a variety of tricks. She loves to learn new things - she's willing to try anything!


Brutus is our 3-year-old working European Doberman, imported from Serbia. He is training in protection with goals of competing in protection sports with Danny.


Isa is the latest addition to our family. She is a 1-year-old Belgian Malinois (Diesel x Enya) training in protection with goals of competing in protection sports (PSA) with Rachel.

Golden Yorkie Maltese lying on center console of vehicle


Gonzo is our 11-year-old Yorkie Maltese mix. He loves naps, treats, car rides, and meeting new people. He has basic obedience and is our only pet dog.


Tasco is our 6-year-old Dutch Shepherd. She dabbles in protection and scent work and loves frisbee. She is extremely dog neutral and often accompanies us to lessons. 

Protection Sports Training

Our spare time is dedicated to protection training with our personal dogs and club members' dogs. Working dogs in particular are our passion, and we enjoy building them up to help them meet their full potential. For handlers/dogs pursuing protection sports, we assist with competition-level obedience and protection development.

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